YouTube Influencers at NatWest

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YouTube Influencers at NatWest Event


Wednesday 19th July 6-8pm

A panel of 5 YouTube Influencers who run Business & Lifestyle blogs, as well as being enthusiastic vloggers talked frankly and informatively about their journey into the social media world.

‘Money too Tight to Mention!’ panel discussion was about their stories and how they monetized their social media platforms, particularly their YouTube channel. 

The event was SPONSORED BY NATWEST BANK; they provided the space and refreshments for the occasion which added to the magic of the occasion. Apparently the samosas were amazing and also the salmon nibblers. 

The background to this request lies in the fact that City Steps Guided Tours was fortunate to run a Twitter Influencer Seminar supported by NatWest Bank in October 2016, attended by over 60 Followers and Influencers. Their plan for 2017 was to organise a YouTube Influencer Networking Event in July and also a similar Facebook event in October.

City Steps Social Media Influencer series of events is designed to be embeded in any major exhibitions or conference as an addition or as part of their main programme.  This series of panel discussion has created a vibrant peer-2-peer model of learning and networking with Influencer teamed with live face2face Business Banner Marketing exhibitions.

City Steps Guided Tours is a Social Enterprise tour & education operator based in East London. 


Over 120 Business owners, Start-ups, Entrepreneurs,  Sole Traders and Influencers booked to attend with 3 local business owners exhibiting their products and services. 52 business Owners, some start-ups and others seasoned business owners came out on a balmy night to listen to 3 vibrant speakers.


Joy is a multi award winning business entrepreneur and YouTube Silver Award winner with 117,000 subscribers and 19.8 million views. Joy is a Blogger, Vlogger and Social Media personality whose work includes digital content which she uses to share her knowledge and to empower women with skills to help them set up their businesses in order to gain financial independence. Joy now has various other business lines such as African Fashion, Nutrition and Personal Development.


As an extrovert with a lot to say for myself, speaking in front of an audience comes naturally to me. Of course I get nervous, like anyone else, but I’ve developed my own personal tricks to work through it and allow my natural confidence to come to the fore.

I’ve been invited to share my experience and expertise in a wide range of public speaking engagements. Here are just a few examples of the topics I’ve been hired to speak about: 

  • Starting a business with no money (The Women’s Business Centre)
  • Being your authentic self (Rich Visions)
  • Social Media in the Workplace (City Steps Guided Tours)
  • Personal development plans for employment (NatWest Bank)

I’ve also been interviewed on the radio and have been invited to speak at several schools on the topic ‘Positive behaviour brings rewards’.


Janice Beckles is a multi-faceted business consultant from Kent with a mission to help people live after redundancy, and empower people to live fulfilling and purposeful lives through personal development. Personal development is an important part of business, because you cannot change your outer world without first changing and addressing your inner dimension.

Janice started her business in May 2004 after a series of workplace redundancies. The first redundancy shook her, but she got straight back up and found another suitable job. After the second redundancy, Janice decided that it was her destiny to be a business owner, so she set up her own consultancy business, B Consultancy LTD.


Seema Flower is Founder and Managing Director of Blind Ambition Business Consultancy  – a consultancy with a difference. Seema is an inspirational and experienced service industry champion who has inspired many people to achieve their full ambitions through her own example and her coaching and counselling. Seema has been blind since an early age but has not let this stop her building a successful chain of businesses and property portfolio.

Blind Ambition provides Personal and/or Professional Development Training, Motivational Speaking as well as Equality and Inclusion Training. Blind Ambition is all about being single minded in pursuit of your goal, not being distracted by the white noise of modern life. 

Seema is very driven to achieve her goals and in her case, Blind Ambition is also about actually being blind and still driving for your ambitions regardless of your limitations while at the same time being an inspiration to others to help them realise their goals too.

Seema’s personal experiences and her professional dealings with the partially sighted and blind through her work with the RNIB has prompted her to set up this consultancy which specialises in supporting those with disabilities and those that have experienced sight loss and how workplace can be better equipped to cater for their needs. Her clients to date include Marks & Spencer and UCL, Greenwich Leisure and others.

Seema is a recognised entrepreneurial visionary who has contributed business insight with previous UK Disabilities Minister Justin Tomlinson, Easy Group’s Richard Shackleton, New Covent Garden Soup’s founder and many more. She champions blind and disabled entrepreneurial business and uses her insight to inspire and train larger businesses on how to better serve disabled clients and stakeholders. She also has 12 years experience of running her own service based businesses in Central London, 10 years experience of working as an Education Office for the RNIB, 5 years working as a Careers Advisor in West London and 20 years as a Private Landlord. She brings a wealth of experience and a truly unique insight into the Visual Awareness field. She has not let her sight stop her doing what she wants and she does not see obstacles as obstacles, but as opportunities.  She is married to Andrew Flower and also has a beautiful 9 year old daughter.  Having a disability whether it is being blind, being a wheelchair user or having other visual disfiguring disabilities should not hold you back in life or when seeking employment.  


City Steps Guided Tours  has tapped into the need of local business owners and has created a panel of 5 high profile YouTube Influencers who Business & Lifestyle vlogs: successful Joy Phido, Sapphire Gray and Janice Beckles.  Panellists, chaired by our guest host, talk frankly about how they’ve monetized their social media channel.  ‘Money Too Tight to Mention’ panel discussion is about their stories and how they have monetized their YouTube channel.


Cottons has been serving up spicy Caribbean food and fiery rum-based cocktails to Londoners for more than 30 years.

The small chain’s original branch in Camden boasts the largest collection of rum in the UK with over 300 different varieties. Previously housed in a shipping container at the Boxpark pop-up mall, their Shoreditch outstation has now moved to a permanent location on Curtain Road, just seven minutes’ walk from Old Street station. With its carnival-style decor, laid back vibe and authentic home-cooked food, it’s the perfect way to grab a slice of St. Lucia or a bowlful of Barbados in the only slightly less exotic environs of EC2.

With our journey into blissful inebriation underway, we were ready for our starters. My pork ribs (£6) were meaty and flavourful and arrived with plantain chips and a large gravy boat of thick, sweet and tangy jerk sauce. My friend’s order of ebony wings (£6) didn’t disappoint either and came served with chargrilled pineapple and a generous dollop of the same delicious black treacle. The spicy sauce left us thirsty so we quenched ourselves with a couple of Trinidadian Carib beers (£4).

Cottons Restaurant & Rum Shack, Shoreditch

132 Curtain Road, EC2A 3AR

0207 729 9723


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