Carnival Entrepreneurs

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I went to Carnival on Sunday (the dry day) mainly for the Street Food. It was great to see so many food stalls all organised, ready and rearing to serve.
I could see that for many it was a not to be missed opportunity to try out entrepreneurial skills i.e. creating  a new product and bringing it to a market place filled with diverse communities.
There were some new entrepreneurs in the mix i.e. the featured Asian Fusion Food Truck and the Polish Style Barbecue stall – I was tempted to eat there but they were busy cooking.
But what was really interesting for me was the pricing strategy of many stall holders. Those near Chepstow Road (nearer to Westbourne Park Tube Station) were selling their foods £2 dearer than those on Bosworth Road (nearer to Ladbrooke Grove Tube Station).
I spoke to a stall holder on Bosworth Road and she explained that the closer you are to a particular Sound System or near to the Carnival route the higher the fee; makes sense.
The sad part of the day for me was watching stall holders at 4pm as they woefully looked at their cooked and now charred foods that had not been sold. I think these stall holders can learn a thing or two from the Asian and the Polish newcomers; they need to get creative, dare to be different.
Finally residents, even churches based in the area all put on their business hats and catered for our basic needs; I just loved the sale of VIP toilets.