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World Foods Entrepreneur Story

Mark Dalgety CEO of Dalgety Herbal Teas

I mentioned to Mark Dalgety from Dalgety Herbal Teas that I would like to film an interview with him for World Foods in London Youtube channel and he consented.

He has a really powerful business development story to tell; one which I look forward to airing before Christmas. In the meantime visit: for more information.

The format for this interview is simple, you are the Founder/ CEO of your company and you would like to tell potential customers about your product. You contact us here at World Foods in London and we will firstly discuss the format of the interview; email a list of 5 questions that you could be asked and then arrange to meet you at a given venue i.e. your office if that is convenient. The interview lasts approximately 45 minutes and during that time you will have the chance to preview the footage we take and agree what you would like to be aired.

We will edit the footage and send you a copy, then upload it to WFiL YouTube channel.

Password Storage Tip

I was trawling through Youtube looking for tips on how to use Facebook more effectively and one of the IT gurus suggested this free software created to help you generate and save your passwords; this beats writing them on small pieces of post-it notes that, inevitably, are lost. Here is a video about Lastpass:

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