Whitechapel Idea Store Cafe Closure

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Whitechapel Idea Store Cafe Closure

Thank goodness that the Bow Idea Store Cafe is still open for business because once again the Whitechapel Idea Store’s cafe has closed. I believe this is the third or fourth time they have closed this cafe; providers just can’t make it work financially. It has been described as one of Whitechapel’s hidden vegan/vegetarian retreat, serving delicious vegetarian foods, some sizzling in their earthenware pots. 

Closure inevitable?

Even the Eel & Seafood trailer has disappeared, replaced by a more modern street food van.

Dating back to the 18th century, you can eat the boiled and then chopped sea creatures hot or cold. Not only are the eels cheap to buy, but they’re nutritious too – hence their popularity amongst the capital’s poorest families back in the day. Today, you can find a variety of modern twists at pie and mash shops throughout the capital.

Cockney cuisine

Jellied eels somehow seem a more appropriate accompaniment to a funeral than baked meats. I can see the mourners exchanging regretful comments between lugubrious spoonfuls of silvery eel and golden jelly, turning away occasionally to suck on the odd piece of protuberant cartilage.


Closure inevitable?

Whitechapel Idea Store Cafe Closure

Just like the Bell Foundry along Whitechapel High Street this homely cafe has been relegated to history. The Whitechapel of Jack the Ripper, The Elephant Man and the Krays has gone to be replaced by pristine architecture.

A five storey highly accessible and transparent new build in front of Sainsburys in the Whitechapel Market. Has exterior glasswalls and interior rubber studded floors.

Flagship Library

The borough’s flagship library, learning & information service it’s facilities include : state-of-the-art learning spaces & classrooms, creche, dedicated reference & information library, dance studio, complementary therapy room, cafe, baby changing room and wheelchair accessible toilets.


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