Vegetarian Diet for Beginners

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Vegetarian Diet for Beginners New

We are essentially foodies at World Food in London and that means we generally will try any foods, whether it is meat, vegetarian or vegan and so this month is going to be really interesting in terms of taking us out of our comfort zone.

We know the benefits of eating healthy foods but being a vegetarian does not mean choosing to always eat healthily; for example my vegetarian friend chooses to eat cheese and chips for lunch, cheesy tacos and vegetarian Jamaican patties, generally really stodgy foods. Not all vegetarians are avid, leafy-green plant eaters.

What we want to do in these posts is to introduce a healthy vegetarian diet for beginners whilst celebrating the wonderful cultures based here in London.

Free Vegetarian Recipes

We have been approached by a number of chefs who have written recipe books which they are offering as a free download and over the coming weeks we will be including these in our blog.

Featured Film

We have scoured YouTube to find vibrant and informative short films about the vegetarian scene in London especially those that can explain a vegetarian diet for beginners and we have come up with this film by  ‘Travels in India, London & UK’ YouTube Channel that is worth a look. The film has over 81, 365 views and is set in the Camden Market backdrop.

Foodie Film

We will be adding to World Food in London YouTube channel so send us a link to your foodie film and we will do our best to feather it here or on our Facebook page.

Featured Image

We have struggled with choosing this image but we think this beautiful photo of gorgeous ingredients is appropriate for the Easter Weekend. Enjoy your long and much deserved holiday.


Gorgeous Ingredients
Gorgeous Ingredients