Using Webinars to Sell Online

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I’m not sure where the last 3 months went but I remember being depressed in September about the idea of going through another cold winter and here I am on the verge of 2017 with nothing to look forward to except Spring and Summer 2017.

Yes I know these glum, grey months are an opportunity to get to grips with digital marketing, monetizing our social media platforms as well as this website but wouldn’t it be better doing this somewhere warm?

Anyway, here are links both to really interesting blogs and YouTube videos firstly about using Webinars to sell products and services online and secondly how to build a profitable online business. I hope you enjoy and let me know what your preferences are on our Twitter or Facebook page.

1.  Webinars: 15 Tips to Massively Increase Webinar Registrations

To host a webinar, you’ll need to sign up with a webinar provider, unless you decide to do it yourself and use something like Google Hangouts.

2.  How To Sell With Webinars

The first thing you need to do in a webinar presentation is actually introduce who you are. Take 2-3 minutes to explain who you are, and why your attendees should listen to you. The goal here is to build rapport, get people to like & trust you. (which obviously helps you later, when it’s time to pitch!)

3. How Online Marketers Can Use Webinars to Generate Profitable New Revenue Streams

Written by: Guest Author, Mike Capuzzi

A smart way to add bottom-line sales and more unique and credibility-boosting value to your online business is to start using webinars. Webinars have been around for years and if you’re not familiar with them they’re a great way to host virtual meetings and presentations without ever having to leaving your office. Webinars are also super-convenient for your attendees as they too don’t have to leave their office or home and can simply watch and listen on the computer, iPad, or even smart phone!

4. How To Use Webinars To Sell Your Online Course With John Lee Dumas – Ep. 58

Published on 9 Feb 2014 Google Hangouts video

More info:…

5. Then there are these really useful videos: –

The First Rule of Marketing Online

The First Rule in Marketing Anything is that nobody cares what you think. Most people don’t take the time to learn how to sell things by identifying what people ACTUALLY want. Use this key fact about people to your advantage; make all the marketing about them. I’ve been running my business this way for years now, creating and selling products around those wants and desires. I’ve made a lot of money with this secret, and someone I look to who’s also made a lot doing this is my friend Adrian Morrison. You need to learn Adrian’s strategy. It’s honestly never been easier to build out your own product testing system like his, and what’s great is he’s actually put together a book on exactly how he does it.

Learn From My Millionaire Marketing Mentor –

Get Adrian Morrison’s eBook –


Small Mistakes That Keep You Poor: My Interview With Neil Patel

Here are a few excerpts from the Accelerator Program.
If you don’t know who Neil Patel is, you’re missing out.
He’s a content marketing genius who has built several successful businesses like KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout, Crazyegg, and Hello Bar.

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