The Weird and The Wonderful

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The Delicious The Weird And The Wonderful

Some time ago PUREnCHIC published a post called ‘The Weird and the Wonderful’ which was featuring some of our most extraordinary designs. As we know that all of you enjoy great products and appreciate tasty food, we decided to do a sequel, featuring some of our most intriguing items in our Food&Drink section. Do not look at this post if you’re easily tempted!
Chocolate That Doesn’t Look Like Chocolate.

Schokolat makes state-of-the-art chocolate products

Okay, so you will all agree that no article about food is complete without mentioning chocolate. The catch here is that the products we are going to show you do not look like chocolate at all once you see them for the first time. One of our newest brands Schokolat makes state-of-the-art chocolate products that will definitely take your love of the guiltiest pleasures of them all to a whole different level. Not only that it is delicious, but the unique designs of the products make them perfect for presents and sweet surprises.

Forget About Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are something many of us enjoy. But what about going for something a bit different… like unfortunate cookies. Ideal for Lucky Lukes and Bad-Luck Brians, superwomen and high-flyers, crybabies and wussy wimps, iron ladies and tough guys. The cookies are black, just like their packaging, but that’s not all. The incredible number of nasty fortunes dreamt up at Misfortune Cookies headquarters means there are no duplicates in a box. And if there are: bad luck!

A Healthy Alternative to Smoking

What is better than a great product? An eye-catching product in a fancy packaging. If you are looking for an original gift to surprise a cigar-smoking friend, well… look no further. These delicious boar salamis have been packaged as a pack of cigars. Talk about a delicious surprise.

The Best DIY Kit Ever Invented

Are you a fan of bacon or are we asking a silly question? If yes, then this is definitely a product you’re going to love. Become your own artisan producer by making your own dry cured streaky bacon with this kit. You know what they say: food is always more delicious if you make it yourself.

Vintage Sweet Temptations

Well, we admit that this product does not really classify as extraordinary, but we thought it’s definitely something worth mentioning. Do you remember all the old movies and cartoons, where children would get these colourful lollipops, especially around Christmas? So do we, and this is why we thought that this product deserves its rightful place within this post- it just has a vintage vibe to it. Available in different tastes.