Tea Shops in Brick Lane East London

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Tea Shops in Brick Lane East London

World Food in London explores Tea Shops in Brick Lane East London. How has times changed and when did drinking tea and visiting Tea shops become more popular in Brick Lane than going to Public Houses and drinking beer?

How times has changed in East London now that Brick Lane’s popularity is on the rise. Now vintage clothing, tea and coffee shops are all the rage and even the demand for chocolate has grown faster in popularity  than many of the new local craft beer breweries.

History of Tea in the UK

It was Catherine of Braganza, the wife of Charles II, who first introduced tea to England, making it fashionable amongst the aristocracy’s elite. 

But while coffee was by this time becoming relatively common place, tea remained a rare curiosity. It was considered unusual enough that Samuel Pepys documented his first sampling of the drink in his famous diary in September 1660.

Women and Tea Rooms

The 18th Century tea rooms were very different from coffee houses. While women were forbidden from the egalitarian conversations of the contemporary coffee houses, tea rooms were reputable public spaces that woman could enter unescorted by a man, a rarity at that time.

By the late 19th Century large tea room chains, run by The Aerated Bread Company and J. Lyons & Co., began to pop up all over the country—A.B.C. Tea Rooms offering the first ever self-service tea rooms.

Where to drink tea on London’s Brick Lane

How to Have Afternoon Tea in London | Afternoon Tea Guide

Visitors to London MUST experience afternoon tea! It’s a British tradition that both locals and visitors love. Find out what afternoon tea is, where you can get it in London, and the etiquette around afternoon tea.


Leading UK etiquette coach and broadcaster William Hanson demonstrates the correct way to enjoy afternoon tea.

London Tea Exchange

For nearly a decade, London Tea Exchange has evolved to own an enviable niche in the growing luxury tea market. For it is here that luxury is experienced through the richness of purity and authenticity, discovered in the beauty of artistry and delivered with an intuitive response to personal expectation.

Timeout Tea Rooms click link here.

Nice little cafe. Limited food and coffee options but a lot of tea choices. Friendly guy that works here.

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I did not expect this small cafe to make such an amazing matcha latte. The matcha taste was so strong and it was exactly how I like it. It was not watery, not milked out and not small. The staff was very friendly. 

Right at Hanbury street, the magic street where surprises are existing besides Brick Lane. 
Location: located on Hanbury street, there are actually two Nude Espresso spots. I was at the one with the red door. They have inside seatings as well as outdoor seatings. www.nudeespresso.com

I’ve found another vintage treasure on Brick Lane that sells furnitureThe Tea Rooms. A lot of the stuff are in mint condition, well looked after, and you won’t need to pay over the odds. Having said that though, it’s not the cheapest vintage shop in London but they don’t take the piss.

Even if you don’t find something you love in The Tea Rooms, just at the back of the shop there’s a little cafe with yummy cakes and coffee and tea.

Step into our Cat Wonderland and enjoy warm, friendly service in the soothing and calming company of our lovely cats. 

Lady Dinah’s prides itself on responsible animal care practices and our committed team of wonderful human carers. We look forward to you joining us for a quiet afternoon tea with a cuppa, some cats, and smiling faces. Bookings are essential, so make sure you book ahead!

Have I mentioned Afternoon Tea as yet?

Originally located in the former Truman’s Brewery building in London’s Brick Lane, you will now find the Brick Lane Music Hall in the former church of St Mark’s in Silvertown in the Royal Docks area of London. Expect to enjoy an entertaining afternoon on this fantastic coach day trip, with some of the finest music hall and variety artists from around the country performing whilst you sit at tables in a cabaret-style arrangement.


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