Social Media Policy in the Workplace

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Social Media Policy in the Workplace

The use of social media is now common in the workplace. Employers need to protect themselves by implementing relevant social media policies. With easy access to the internet, the popularity in the use of smart phones and social media has sky-rocketed over the years and it is no surprise. While the use of social media offers many benefits for business organisations, it also comes with greater problems, and has the potential of expanding the already existing risks to a larger number of people across the world in no time at all. Most employees use social media on a daily basis, whether within or outside the work environment and this can make employers more vulnerable to potentially damaging legal liabilities.

Social Media Policy in the workplace for Employees

The misuse of social media cost the British economy millions of dollars annually, with businesses forced to fight cyber-bullying and confidentiality issues. Plus most employees lose several hours of productivity to the use of social media during work days. For this reason, it is very important that businesses develop and implement relevant policies for the use of social media.  With stiff guidelines and policies in the workplace, employees will be mindful of what they say about the business, its client as well as their colleagues.

What is an effective Social Media Policy?

An effective social media policy encourages employees to use social media in a positive way while reducing any potential risks for business organisations. It will be best to seek advice from legal experts and also check to see what other business have written in their policies.

What Does Social Media Policy entails?

Social media policy covers how the business will be engaged in the use of social media channels including Facebook and Twitter among others as well as provide guidelines on how employees can get involved in the use of social media. It should also state clearly the penalties for employees who do otherwise. It should also cover employee’s use of social media even outside work environment. Implementing social media policy helps protect the employer’s reputation and security of a business.

Social Media Policy in the workplace for Employers

Poor social media management can completely damage a business. Regardless of whether business organisations, both small and big, engage themselves in social media, designing and implementing an effective social media policy in the workplace is highly recommended.

1. Company Reputation

One of the greatest assets of a business is its reputation. Tampering with it will most definitely lead to the business crumbling. This is one of the reasons why having a comprehensive social media policy is important. A good social media policy in the workplace has to cover the following

  • What happens at an employee’s desk during working hours
  • What an employee does after working hours
  • Information about the workplace posted online by employees

2. Industry compliance

Most of the industry in the world today have strict rules and regulations for social media use. Social media policy addresses what type of information should be posted online and how to promote and ensure compliance on all levels

3. Individual Liability

A good social media policy helps protects the interest of individual employees. Billions of people use the internet on a daily basis and any wrong post can compromise a person’s career and also damage their reputation.

If you think your business does not need an effective social medial policy in the workplace, then think again