Saving Time Growing Wealth

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Saving Time Growing Wealth

This articles explores saving time growing wealth in business. This year I decided that one aspect of building wealth that I neglected in 2016 was saving money, I know this decision is nothing revolutionary but there it is. So I’ve started off with saving on all essential bills ie rent rates, telephone and broadband, computer maintenance, mobile phone, and the dreaded payment to a wealth of freelancers and home-preneurs that I work with – maybe outsource to a single group rather than deal with lots and lots of different people.

Saving Time Growing Wealth in Business

But having started this exercise it occurred to me that I also needed to save on time, or better still place a value on my time. How much am I worth per hour? If I give this time voluntarily to set up a meeting with a potential client how much am I investing in that client before I even get to make a sale?

I know, I did this exercise at least 3 years ago but somehow life or business got in the way and all my zeal and effort lapsed in the face of chasing, wooing and pampering potential clients.

Not Getting Any Younger

Now the urge to save money in my business and value my precious time has come back with a vengeance, the fact is I’m not getting any younger and I don’t want any regrets, plus I want to be comfortable in my old age.

So this year it’s a year of saving and valuing putting into place strategies that will bring value to my time and the success of my business.

Here’s a few links that may help you think through how you can save money and time in your business.

I was watching Dr Michael Moseley last week as he tried to find the best way of losing weight without going to the gym, I like the ideas he explored because I can’t stand going to the gym. He interviewed a pioneering group who came up with quick bursts of cycling for 12 minutes only in a month which actually helped him lose weight and build his stamina. I love the idea of only working very hard for short burst of time and yet still produce successful outcomes.

Saving Time Growing Wealth in Social Media

So in terms of saving time I am going to use the same principles, plan short intense burst of social media management ie 20-30 minutes of writing and posting at least 2 times per week, popping the information in Hootsuite or Buffer and then leaving these apps to do their magic.

Then I’m going to allocate 15 minutes each day to call 3 important people that I want to work with, I may get through to them, then again I may not but hey, it’s worth the effort and this approach is far more targeted rather than the hit and miss responses from cold calling from a warm database.

Most importantly I’ve built in 5 minute bursts of personal development at least twice a day consisting of power-walks, or singing loudly at the top of my voice, reading the biography of a brilliant business owner, watching a motivation YouTube business video  or simply sitting back and breathing deeply.

Lastly I’ve decided to reduce networking to only 7 hours per month; networking is seriously overrated. I know I did not break even in terms of attracting new business through networking last year, in fact I think I made a loss if I include the time I gave to standing, talking, eating and drinking with potential new clients/ business partners – a waste of my valuable time and yes it’s true  I’m not getting any younger. I’m going to miss these events very much but hey, the point of running a business is to make money.

Mastering social media automation tools and new fads such as Facebook Live is going to be a more targeted and time saving alternative.

Below are a series of Tools that you may find interesting plus my Amazon and Clickbank affiliate links. Please give feedback as and when you can.



There are a lot of ways to check how your website’s doing these days. The most common one people use is probably Google Analytics. Google Analytics is definitely a great tool for monitoring your site. However, since the ‘not provided’ development, it’s become pretty hard to monitor your SEO efforts.

2. Google Search Console – Introduction to Google Search Console

3. Webmaster Tools – provides you with built-in stats that give you lots of information about your traffic, but if you’re a stats junkie and you can’t get enough info about how people are finding your site, some search engines and social sites offer additional “webmaster tools.”

4. What is the best marketing automation software for me in 2017?

You wouldn’t be alone in wondering what exactly ‘marketing automation’ refers to. Simply put, it’s the umbrella term for software which enables you to automate repetitive digital marketing tasks across multiple channels (e.g. email, social media)—and, importantly, track the results.

Broadly speaking, we’re talking about the segmentation of prospective or existing customers; personalisation and scheduling of marketing content; and tracking the resulting success rates and behaviour.

The goal is to be able to speak to customers and prospective customers in a relatively personal way but at scale—despite the word ‘automation’ carrying with it the connotation of robotic communications and canned responses.

In his article “The beginner’s guide to marketing automation”, TFM contributor Andrew Nicholson, CMO and Co-founder of Kulea MA, adds:


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