Sainsbury’s and Netto Joint Venturing

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Sainsbury’s and Netto Joint Venture


I thought it was interesting to hear on the radio today that Sainsbury’s is joint venturing with Danish Netto; both companies have invested £12.5m into the joint project. For those who do not know, Netto sold its 200 or so stores to Asda over 14 years ago before leaving the UK and so it’s a bit of a surprise to hear that this joint venture project will soon be opening 15 stores in the North West ie Liverpool, Manchester etc.

Sainsbury’s and Netto Discounting

On offer, amongst all the other discounts, will be bargain champagne, wine and chocolates; great deals for more well off Northerners I would imagine.

Lego Toys

Apparently Lego will also be involved, they will supply affordable toy bricks and help with  marketing the stores by creating a huge scottie dog made out of lego bricks.

Did you know that Netto is Denmark’s top grocer with over 455 stores?