The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London

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The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London

Dry January is nearly over for some but does this mean that bars serving non-alcoholic drinks will die a slow death over the coming weeks? There seems to be only a few local bars that offer a non-alcoholic option in East London, but I know for sure that diverse communities have been championing non-alcoholic drinks for ever …. ie Jamaican rum punch without the rum, Guiness punch with so little Guiness content I cannot even smell it in the mixture. Below we have Myrtle who will be offering foodie style cooking options for keen bakers and folks who are on their dry January quest. Happy reading and please leave a comment below.



These bars also cater to the non-drinkers for Dry January and beyond, and provide a great place to party, alcohol-free. So choose from buzzing bars that also specialise in alcohol-free cocktails, completely dry bars or pubs with a penchant for low-and-no beers. These zero-percent champions are 100 percent awesome. 

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The Book Club Shoreditch

Now we know what you’re thinking: this is a party bar in the middle of Shoreditch. But party doesn’t always have to end with a hangover, and The Book Club proves that with its ‘Lo and No’ menu. On there you’ll find alcohol-free cocktails like the Nojito alongside Seedlip and tonic and a range of booze-free beers.  

It doesn’t sound like a place for an exciting night out, but behind the sedate name is one of the most consistently creative bars in London. The Book Club is a popular, laid back, lived-in basement bar that originally helped Hoxton earn its hip title, and in intervening years little has changed down in the basement, which remains plain and comfortable.

One from The Stylist Magazine

The Sky Garden, with its indoor woodland and unparalleled views of the city, is a gorgeous place to visit at any time of the year. Mixologists at this sky-high watering hole have mixed up a non-alcoholic storm for those laying off the tipple.

The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London

Airbnb Eastend Caribbean Bakeup with Mercs

£35 per person

I am a food blogger and business owner for over 10 years running a monthly foodies business blog about World Foods in London – As a result I have a number of contacts including one of my favourites Myrtle Laing (aka Mercs).  I ‘ve worked with Myrtle Laing for over 10 years and during that time I have sampled all her authentic Jamaican culinary delights including her amazing Guinness Punch.

So now Mercs and I are offering an afternoon of baking and tasting Caribbean Style. 

The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London
Myrtle’s non-alcoholic Jamaican Fruit punch on Airbnb

On arrival you will be greeted with a non-alcoholic Jamaican fruit punch and after you have settled in Myrtle will teach you how to make traditional Jamaican rum cake, sweet potato cake and of course Jamaican banana cake.

So you can bake, sample and wash them down with any one of these much loved drinks – of course the Jamaican rum punch, Guinness punch and it does pack a punch or sorrel, an exceptional fruit drink. Please mention any food allergies or intolerance when booking.

During this time Myrtle will tell you all about her life in Jamaica before arriving in London in the 1960s, changes in East London she has seen and her life as a retiree.

The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London
The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London


“Come and visit me at my home in Forest Gate East London. This area is the gateway to the famous Epping Forest and the even more famous county of Essex.”


We’ll have al the ingredients you’ll need to bake 3 yummy Caribbean cakes.

Please mention any food allergies or intolerance when booking.

We’ll have all the ingredients for you to make our special non-alcoholic drinks. You may choose to include rum in a drink and so we’ll provide all the rum you need. Please mention any food allergies or intolerance when booking.


Myrtle's non-alcoholic Jamaican Fruit punch on Airbnb
The Rise of Non-alcoholic Drinks East London

This is a 2 hour experience which might take a little longer depending on how long the cakes take to bake. In that time you will be able to chat with both me and Mercs about Jamaican life in the UK, so come along with lots of questions. No previous baking experience needed.


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