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Facebook – Rejected by Facebook

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Last week I created 3 advertisements through Facebook Boost Post option just to create a buzz around the CHRISTMAS BOAT PARTY event planned for 20/12/13, but only one of these posts was approved; the less wordy advert. See for details about the boat party.

First Reason Why the Advert was Rejected by Facebook

The reason Facebook gave for the first rejection was that the links mentioned opened into PDF pages (Facebook sent an email to me containing technical speak which outlined why they rejected the advert a lot better than my explanation. Contact me if you would like their version). OK not sure why that was a valid reason but OK.

I made the necessary changes and submitted a brand new advert without the website links etc.


Second Reason Why another Advert was Rejected by Facebook

Facebook managed to reach 160 users before they rejected the second advert. The second rejection stated that the advert was too long. Too long… Maybe I am verbose, just maybe, but is there someone sitting in Facebook’s office reading Boost Post adverts and censoring them? I think not, well hope not!

By the time Facebook Team had agreed the final, short and sweet advert I was too exhausted and hungry to care and therefore the FULL English breakfast photo below.

Just a little note: the egg in the photo is well done.