Quiet Success a Networking Story

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How is LinkedIn Responsible for Successful Sales?

Here follows a story about the benefits of networking. Join us 30/9/14 6.30pm at St Margaret’s House to network with Bob Etherington author of Cold Calling for Chickens.

Quiet Success – A Networking Story
I overheard a colleague complaining about business she failed to attract to another colleague who was actually making a lot of money for her company. This lady was able to find the right groups of people through the Learning and Education groups on LinkedIn as well as by attending the numerous business and learning-based meetings to which she was invited.
I challenged this successful colleague stating that she had the right personality: outgoing, gregarious, easy on the eye etc but she responded by saying that she was not like that, in fact the opposite; she was a shy person. I was, as they say in the north ‘gob-smacked’, but she looked so vulnerable after the statement that I really believed her.

Networking Strategy

Her strategy was to act as if she was confident, pretend really – no wonder she talked non-stop. Well it works for her and since then, I have been doing a whole lot of pretending in terms of behaving confidently.

Popcorn Networking Metaphor
What has a photo about popcorn got to do about being successful at networking?