Procurement Opportunities

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 Procurement Opportunities

Last night was Newham Business Forum Event held at Stratford Town Hall. The main focus of the evening was about accessing Newham Procurement Opportunities either through their revamped NECTR portal or by speaking directly to Buyers of services who exhibited on the night. One of the Exhibitors was Fit for Legacy, part of East London Business Place, which I am a member of; although I have been told on the grapevine that they will be closing in December.

Anyway, Fit for Legacy has quite a line up of events i.e. November listings include – Understanding ISO 1400, Business Confidence for Female Led SMEs, Completing Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and in December “Dig the Pitch” Pitching & Presentation.¬†
Procurement Opportunities a Direct Approach

Other agencies included Neilcott, Countryside, London Region construction Training Group etc
Conference-ready Fast foods

The organisers ordered the usual weird but mesmerising line up of conference-ready fast foods and wine that had a creeping effect on me; red wine that taste of nothing special but somehow is warming and mellow after an hour or so of drinking it. The Event was provided free of charge and attended by many hopeful, enthusiastic looking business owners.