Podcasting and Monetizing Podcasts

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Podcasting and Monetizing Podcasts

Soup, hot and tasty is best on this cold, bright and crisp day in  November. We are exploring Podcasting and monetizing podcasts, why Podcast, best Podcasting equipment to have, how to Podcast really successfully, how to monetize your Podcast and much more.

For a foodie podcasting is a bit of a let down, because as a viewer/listener I can’t see the food; I can only listen to others talk about, I can’t eat or even smell delicious mouth-watering dishes; this is very, very frustrating.

So I’ve promised myself not to set up a World Food in London podcast that focusses on interviewing chefs and foodies; perhaps one that concentrates on digital marketing and social media marketing but definitely not food. Yes the idea of Podcasting and monetizing podcasts is compelling …

So here we have a number of videos, I thought videos would be better than lots of articles about the subject, actually I should have chosen a series of podcasts around the subject but I haven’t mastered Soundcloud (shame) or any of these other audio-based platforms as yet so video it is.

Enjoy Podcasting and monetizing podcasts!

1. Launching a Podcast: 3 Things I Wish I Would Have Known

Stacey Harris, host of Hit the Mic, a popular podcast on iTunes shares the three things any beginner podcast should know before getting into podcasting for business.

 2. How to start a podcast on the cheap

Here are some ways you can create & produce a quality podcast without spending a lot of money. Resources on this video include

3. How to Start a Podcast (Equipment, Hosting on WordPress Tutorial, Getting on iTunes)

Hey guys! Some of you asked for advice on starting a podcast, so today I’m sharing info on the entire process of producing, recording, editing, hosting your podcast on WordPress, and getting your podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, etc. Hope this helps!

4. How To Make Money Podcasting

Podcasting is a massively booming industry with listenership growing year on year. There are a lot of celebrities now being made in the podcasting space but how can you make money from podcasting? Today I am going to show you 10 different ways you can money from your podcasting efforts.

5. Monetize Your Podcast with One Simple Trick

In this video, I will show you a little trick on how to monetize your podcasts or just make some money from podcasting.
For some podcasters, while they enjoy having a large audience listen to them, they still wonder if there’s really any benefit to the endeavor. And there is a benefit beyond monetary gain because you’re building an intimate relationship with your audience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money from it. With this little trick, you can revamp your desire and energy to continue. When I first learned about this trick, it had me waking up earlier every morning just to produce and record more podcast episodes.

6. Different Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Everyone is always asking about monetizing the podcast at different points of the show’s life, so I decided to do some brainstorming on camera of different methods you could use. I discuss using sponsor ads, Adsense, merchandise, and even banner ads on your website.

7. How To Podcast For Profit – 4 Podcast Monetization Models You Can Start TODAY! – #PODCASTDAY Webcast

To Grab The Pack Mentioned In This Broadcast, Text Your Name And Email To 503-360-1554.
In honor of International Podcast Day 2015, Paul Colligan is proud to present “How To Podcast For Profit – 4 Podcast Monetization Models You Can Implement TODAY!”

8. Starting and Monetizing Your Podcast w/ The Combat Jack Show

We wanted to bring in Reggie Osse and Premium Pete to give us an exclusive look into building The Combat Jack Show and monetizing on a podcast.

Finally we have:

9. How to Monetize Your Podcast

Mark Ramsey  talks with Erik Diehn, VP Biz Dev at Midroll Media, the podcasting advertising network. The audience sizes of leading podcasts are approaching and surpassing what advertisers are accustomed to on TV, so despite imperfect measurements momentum is beginning to build for podcasts among advertisers. Direct response advertisers are already in the space, but brand advertisers are not far behind.


Speakers I Have Listened to this Month

I attended the ‘Women in Tech’ organised by RBS and NatWest Business.

Deloitte Global predicted that by the end of 2016 fewer than 25% of Technology jobs in developed countries would be held by women and that this percentage may even fall.

“Under 10 per cent of internet companies are founded by women,” according to Baroness Martha Lane-Fox. These statistics are concerning to say the least. Please join NatWest at our ‘Women in Tech’ panel discussion to explore the issues relating to women in the tech sector and how we can start to address the imbalance. http://bit.ly/2ff52YC  23/11/6

Panellists included:

Annamaria Jatta – Programme Lead, Solutions Team (RBS)

Leila Singh – Founder of Success Redefined

Marion Bevington – Professional Speaker and Coach

Riham Satti – Founder and Director of Mevitae

Laura Fedorciow – Managing Director of Vertigo Ventures

I also attended

‘Show me the Money’ with Lu Li from Blooming Founders at General Assembly

Celebrating Women Enterprise Day

Panellists included:

Andrzej Moyseowicz, Co-Founder of Freemavens

Andrzej is the co-founder of Freemavens, a creative consultancy that transforms big data into human stories that inspire ideas and innovation. Freemavens works with both massive (like Unilever) and mini clients (like start-ups) to reveal what real human beings say and do to inspire great businesses to do great things. He left the United States when he was 22 and has worked across six continents starting first as a chemical engineer, then entering the creative industry, and finally becoming an entrepreneur. His favourite form of diversity is diverse thinking.

Shefaly Yogendra, Professional Board Member & Advisor to Founders 

Shefaly Yogandra is a specialist in decision-making and risk, a Board Director and a charity Trustee based in London. As a former founder and COO of a fine jewellery venture, she has valuable insights across the full value chain of a luxury brand. She has over two decades of commercial experience in corporate venturing, risk assessment and advising investors and startups. She has been formally trained in engineering and business, and has a PhD in decision making from the University of Cambridge. Shefaly combines her education with her experience of having lived and worked in three continents, to bring a unique perspective to startups in luxury and technology sectors. She is one of the FTSE Female Board Report’s 100 Women To Watch in 2016. She is also a keen culture vulture, a curious reader, and a devoted practitioner of Pilates and Vinyasa Yoga.

Anis Qizilbash, Author of “Grow Your Sales, Do What You Love”

Anis Qizilbash specialises in helping entrepreneurs and freelancers, who were anxious and fearful about selling, develop clarity, build confidence so they can create value for others, charge more for their work and attract more customers.

Alison Battisby, Founder at Avocado Social 

Alision Battisby founded Avocado Social as a way to combat the confusing world of social media. She offers a fresh approach to social media training and consultancy with the most up to date and practical advice, having worked with brands including Tesco, Pringles, Nokia, British Heart Foundation, Mentos, Brita and Space NK.

Alison was named as one of The Drum’s top 50 freelancers in the UK. Also cited as “one of the most notable social media consultants in the world” in The Huffington Post, 2016.

What I learned this Month

So I’ve been looking at how I can better use my gmail account and found these useful YouTube Links –

1. Gmail for Beginners and Gmail Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users

2. How to use Gmail to Send Emails as Another Account

Published on Apr 8, 2015

If you have multiple email addresses, but want to just use your Gmail address to send email, you can use an alias. Aliases let you send emails from Gmail, but the emails will appear like they are coming from your other addresses. Check out this video for details!


If you’re in a Science or Tech sector, or offering an innovative solution to a market – then this event is a place to be!

Tech sector is one of the most actively supported, and yet a number of Startups and SMEs still struggling to secure funding.

Why so? Simply because they don’t always know what their options are.

For this evening, like always we’re bringing best of the best funders and entrepreneurs who can help you to boost your Science, Tech or Innovative venture! 17/1/17

AMAZON Links for November

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Rhythm108 dessert bars

Camden Towns brewery’s Beer

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Tefal ActiFry Smart XL

Anthony Bourdain’s “Les Halles” Cookbook: Classic Bistro Cooking 

Casso Cocktail – Coconut Mojito Cocktails Spirit

Smarter Coffee Maker wifi controlled via an app

Pallo Coffee Machine Cleaning Tool – Black

Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition 

Shine on Marquee Moon Zoe Howe’s book