Plans for January 2015

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Promotional Plans for January 2015

Today is the first working day of 2015 for many but for others who worked throughout Christmas and New Year its just another day at work. Just to give a big THANK YOU to all the Doctors and Nurses in hospitals up and down the country who provided top level care to the many Flu sufferers over the Christmas period.

Here are a few exhibitions at the Excel London Exhibition Centre in Custom House which you may find interesting:

1. London Classic Car Show: 8-11 Jan

2. CWM FX Boat Show: 9-18 Jan

3. Telegraph Cruise Show: 9-11 Jan

4. Bett Education Technology show 21-24 Jan

5. The London Excel Wedding Show: 31 Jan = 1 Feb

Why are these exhibitions important? Well, some very interesting people usually attend these exhibitions and some of them could become your customers. I am usually too embarrassed to use guerilla marketing tactics but many are not. I have been to a few exhibitions at the Excel and at Olympia and watched as individuals hand out business cards, postcards and brochures to passing visitors. Most of the time I actually accept their promotional material just to find out what they are offering and how well they have written their sales pitch, however other visitors are not as forgiving as me.

This method is great if you are employing a scatter-gun approach ie hit everyone with the same message but it is very hard to track the results of this approach.

Targeted Plans for January 2015

I prefer to visit the exhibition stands that I am really interested in and speak to staff on duty. This is a great opportunity to find out who is in charge of marketing, whether there is a gatekeeper in place, how I contact that person and what is this company’s pain: what drives them.

Attracting more leads, driving customers through the sales funnel, building brand awareness are the obvious drivers but what else do they need? Just listening to the workers as they try to sell me their products and asking the right questions can work wonders in terms of information gathering.

I might not reach many companies this way but at least I have made 6-10 contacts and from that maybe one company will need my services. That is a very positive result I think.

This is an easy to make sandwich for all work at home mums and solopreneurs; Grilled Plantain Toastie.