Passion for Chocolate

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Passion for Chocolate Business

Aimee Rhea describes herself as an Independent Chocolatier and a representative of Dove Chocolate Discoveries.  She started this home-based business she could earn money whilst having fun with friends as well as indulging in her passion for chocolate.

She organises chocolate tasting parties for her friends, family and wider networks and she recruits many of her contacts to her team to build her earning capacity.

Business Model

This business model sometimes known as network marketing has been frowned upon in the past but for stay at home mums it is perfect. Additionally representatives are taught sales, marketing and business management which they can use if they wish to move on.

Having a passion for chocolate helps and the pay offs are good depending on how successful the representative is in direct selling.

I hope you find the video useful even though it is based in the States; this business model can easily be recreated here in the UK.


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