Passion Business Success

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Passion, Business Success and Chocolate

World Food in London explores how Award winning entrepreneur Lyn Lee based in Singapore started her chocolate business creating a passion business success.

I discovered this video whilst trawling through YouTube looking for inspirational videos about successful start-ups based in London. Although Lyn Lee’s company is based in Singapore her message rings true for all would be entrepreneurs ¬†who are thinking of starting a business. Lyn shows passion business success – her passion chocolate and her unique selling point; an outstanding chocolate cake.

Lending from Banks

Lyn talks about how her friendship circle as well as family provided the initial support needed to start and grow the business and how banks can help to take a thriving business to the next level ie expanding to other premises etc.

I hope you find this video thought provoking as I did when I happen to find it on YouTube.

Foodie Insights

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