Outsourcing Jobs

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Outsourcing Jobs such as Article Writing

Finding new and interesting information that can be converted into a 400 word blog which will be posted at least once a week can be demanding.

I have been told that blogging more frequently should improve SEO and could help your site gain first page ranking on Google.

Producing well written, content rich articles is to say the least, challenging and so a welcomed alternative is to outsource the job of writing to a company or individual who loves this type of work.

Freelance Workers

There are of course sites that are now prominent on the web where you can find capable writers also sites such as PeoplePerHour where you can attract bloggers who are willing to write detailed posts for you. These sites are simple to navigate ie you can post your job by inviting bloggers and article writers to bid to do your work. Using this method you could engage with Freelancers from across the world all for a fee.

An Outsourcing Alternative

Inviting guest bloggers who have articles ready that reflects the value of your niche is an alternative to outsourcing jobs. You don’t have to pay them; you just need to negotiate a deal that helps them grow their mailing lists whilst you satisfy your client base; a joint venture made in cyber land.

Final Outsourcing Deal

Outsourcing jobs can be time consuming, tedious and sometimes frustrating. World Food in London has been busy developing partnership and joint venture opportunities with many solopreneurs and small enterprises. These businesses are now ready and willing to offer a variety of products and services including writing articles.

Contact amy@worldfoodinlondon.com for details of how you can have your articles and blog post written by freelance writers at very low cost or by guest bloggers.

World Food in London wish you are Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year