Networking Tales – The Eavesdropper

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Here is a story about networking.. again:

I attended a free business networking event and as I chewed through the free sausage/refreshment that was provided I eavesdropped on a business friend as she explained to a group of delegates why she was having difficulties finding business owners who would purchase her products: she sells herbal oils and perfume.

She had tried raising her profile by Tweeting 5- 6 times per day, she posted many cute and funny notices on her and her friend’s timeline and she regularly updated her blog.

She had spent quite a bit of money on her business card, leaflets and other corporate id but still only a trickle of new sales came in as a result of these efforts. I felt for her because I had experienced the same heartache.

One clever soul from the group piped up with an out of the box idea stating, ‘Why don’t you target trade associations used by your target industry? Is there a national trade association for massage therapist for example?’

Of course I continued chewing, listening to the suggestions and encouragements as they flowed and I realised that my courageous friend had just bared her soul and in doing so she had invited others into her world to rescue her.

I took note and decided there and then to book and attend at least 3 networking/training meetings each month making sure I did more talking than eating; the food was very good though, very distracting.

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