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Networking Fundamentals

I went to visit the Pearson Room, just to see what it was like and whether it suited the type of business meetings we hold and actually it was 81% perfect.

There is a sectioned off area in the main restaurant which has a table beautifully set for 12 people. And although I think there may be a noise issue, this table is secluded enough for everyone seated to hear each other.

I personally have no vested interest in the Pearson Room other than my plan to use it as a meeting point for World Food in London and the creation of another story about how simple it is to seize hold of joint venture opportunities. The story is that I met Diane Kay at a Fit for Legacy event on 1/7/14 held at the East Wintergreen Garden and one which Karen Brady was the main speaker, (apologies for the name dropping but what the heck!). Diane Introduced herself as the Manager of the Reebok Sports Club based nearby, she gave me her card after I told her about World Food in London’s networking meetings. I promised to contact her about the September or October meeting I was planning because she mentioned the Pearson Room restaurant; I was intrigued but did nothing about it.

I could see the synergy between her role and my objectives but I was not sure; perhaps a visit would change my mind. I contacted her and arranged to meet Gordana, their Events Manager, who gave me a brief tour. I again did nothing about it mainly because I was busy and the summer was nearly over and a million or more other reasons, ie life gets in the way.

Diane, a good sales person in my opinion, contacted me in middle September to ask if I was still interested in using the venue and to introduce a new menu; one that may appeal to members of WFiL. Now you may say Diane was only doing her job and she has to get bums on seats but I think there is more to this chance encounter than meets the eye.

The Pearson Room is a restaurant for members of the Reebok Sports Club as well as the general public: There is potential room for future joint work between WFiL and the Club Membership department, not to mention joint promotions etc it is just a matter of spotting the opportunity and working out the details.

To end, I think the Pearson Room is a good place for businesses to meet for a networking or group meeting. So why not book now to attend WFiL next business event which will be held on Tuesday 28th October 6.30pm at the Pearson Room.

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