Negotiating Terms and Conditions

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Negotiating the Terms and Conditions

I have decided to negotiate the terms and conditions of the Blogging for 30 days challenge laid down by Sarah Arrow.

How did I reach this decision?

Torrential rain, I mean rain drops the size of sugar lumps was falling today (Friday 19th September) in East London. I was caught in the downpour and decided to stay dry by huddling under Sainsbury’s car park roof whilst chewing through the fifth spicy chicken wing; 3 more to go. It was then I knew exactly what I had to do.

I need to accept the 30 day blogging challenge, but, on my terms. I desire my weekend off: that is, all day Saturday and all day Sunday until 9am Monday morning; I need to rest!

Bob Etherington’s Negotiating Skills

I have decided that because it is now Friday afternoon or early evening I will wait until Monday morning and using Bob Etherington’s negotiating techniques approach Sarah Arrow to negotiate my weekend off. I need that time to think, plan,  to recuperate etc.
Reminder Bob Etherington – author of ‘Negotiating Skills for Virgins’ will be speaking at World Food in London’s event on Tuesday 30th September from 6.30pm. See Eventbrite for details.