Mother’s Day Specials in East London

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Mother’s Day Specials in East London


2 for 1 Blissful Spa Day Choice – UK Wide

Choose the perfect 25 minute treatment to suit you and your spa buddy at your selected blissful spa day location. This indulgent treat for two at your choice of location, which includes Bannatyne, Hallmark, Macdonald, Marriott, Virgin Active, Mercure or Village spas, is designed to provide much deserved relaxation and rejuvenation.


Chocoholic Afternoon Tea for Two at 5* The London Hilton Park Lane

This is a truly out-of-the-ordinary indulgent treat for two, crafted by pastry chefs Emmanuel and Sam, winners of Bake Off: The Professionals 2018! The duo have made a great British tradition even greater with their sumptuous version of afternoon tea which ticks all the summer boxes. 



Bottomless Champagne Afternoon Tea for Two at 5* Grosvenor House, Park Lane

What better way to indulge in Champagne afternoon tea than in complete style and luxury! Awarded the Highly Commended Awards of Excellence at the Afternoon Tea Awards 2018, Grosvenor House Hotel, with its tranquil atmosphere and elegant interiors, offers everything you’d expect from a 5-Star hotel in the heart of London. 



Exhibitions in East London 2019

IFE exhibition at the Excel 19 March 2019

The International Food & Drink Event (IFE) is a celebration of 1,350 innovative, global and cutting-edge food & drink manufacturers.

Discover emerging trends by meeting thousands of future focused producers face-to-face at the UK’s leading and largest food and drink industry event.





























Why choose our Chocolate Muscle and Tone Diet Whey Protein?

Our Muscle and Tone Diet Whey Protein powder has been formulated to build muscle and tone,without the unwanted fat gain. We have gone all out on the ingredients to make this a Protein Powder hard to beat. In addition, our decadent Chocolate and Vanilla flavours will make you look forward to work outs.

Only 113 calories per 50g serving. 16g of Protein from Whey and an equal portion of Carbohydrates received from Oats to ensure your energy levels remain high; will leave you satisfied until your next meal. No matter what fitness level you are from amateur to pro, or type of sport you participate, from general gym go-er to body-builder, we have created a product that will keep calories to a minimum, whilst still ensuring you build and tone muscle to achieve your fitness and physique goals.

We have added Beta-alanine, not only is it an anti-oxidant which is immune enhancing, itincreases performance output and overall exercise capacity whilst decreasing muscle fatigue. Creatine has been added to improve performance and help build lean muscle and muscle fibre mass. Creatine can have people in a quandary due to mixed write-ups, but don’t worry creatine increases fat-free mass only.Our Whey protein blend will ensure you receive enough calcium to build stronger bones along with Vitamin D, Vitamin A, E, Beta-Carotene and heart healthy CLA (Linoleic Acid).

We have added THE GOOD GURU Electrolyte Mix, to ensure you don’t lose essential micro-nutrients through sweat and perspiration; which over time can lead to deficiencies.

L-Glutamine has been added for those who suffer from IBS (a cause of traditional milk), which may help aid digestion and improve the gut-wall over time.

Our ingredients are non-GMO. Only the finest Grass Fed Milk and Whey. No added sugar. No artificial colours or preservatives. 


Why will this Whey Protein shake help me lose weight?

Our chemists have carefully created a blend to ensure you get the maximum benefit without compromising on taste. The low calories will ensure you reach your goals if you are on a calorie-controlled diet, or, you are keen to add other foods to the shake to make a meal. 

We have added Oats which are a Superfood in their own right. They have an abundance of health benefits. The slow carbohydrates in Oats; help you feel fuller for longer and help to curb your appetite. They increase your metabolism meaning your system works harder and burns off more food; are full of fibre (soluble fibre) which means it aids digestion and prevents fat accumulation (pushes the fat out of the body).

For an extra kick to shedding the pounds, we have added Green Tea Extract which promotes weight loss. Green Tea speeds up the metabolism increasing the rate at which you burn food and reduces blood fat levels (lipids). It also helps balance blood sugar levels (glucose) which is great news for diabetics.

Why Grass-Fed Whey?

Milk has seen significant controversy over recent years and rightly so. You may wonder why you would still pick a Whey protein with such doubts over its health issues. Well, here is why..

Milk has the complete EAA (Essential Amino Acid profile) which is super for building and growing strong, lean muscle tissue. It also has a complex and rich nutrient profile which surpasses many other foods and it is no wonder it is still the Gold Standard above any other type of milk for new born babies.

However, the concerns over milk are greatly due to what the cow consumes. Grass-fed cows eat only grass from fields, where as traditional milk is produced from cows that eat foodstuffs which can consist of anything from left over bakery food (used for humans), hay, corn, grain, canola seeds and filler etc. We eat what the cow eats. The mind boggles.

The main difference is the composition of omega 6’s to omega 3’s. We need both, though our consumption in modern day living with processed foods has risen dramatically with worrying health issues. Grass-fed cow’s milk ratio of omega’s is 1.1, comparatively with traditional cow’s milk is 6.1. Too much Omega 6 can lead to Obesity (overweight) and heart disease. Milk being such a fundamental staple of our everyday, lead us to using only Grass-fed whey and milk. Grass-fed cows produce more Omega 3 in general which means we have a much stronger health profile.

Whether looking to lose weight whilst building muscle or just looking to increase your protein intake, the use of The Good Guru’s Grass-fed Protein shake will help you achieve your fitness goals with honesty, clarity and assurance.