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First Newsletleters Using MailPoet

Having established a routine in terms of writing posts for both WFiL Blog and Facebook I have the luxury of now creating a regular newsletter using

I just have to get the template right, organise the content and attract avid subscribers. Not much to do eh?

MailPoet – A newsletter plugin for WordPress

The MailPoet team tells me that:

Simply drop your articles, images, dividers and free form text. Move them around at will and edit.

Its a little more complicated than that for the uninitiated and that is why I had to spend some time on YouTube just watching video after video which explains some of the more advance features of this plugin.

To get an overview watch: by WPKBdotcom

and Dylan Varian video at:

Foodie Top Tip

So the Foodie in me needs to have that visual fix and here it is, Jambalaya,a Cajun mix of rice, chicken, chorizo and tomatoes. Recipe here proves that this dish is simple and easy to make: