London’s Brick Lane’s ‘Beigel’ Shops

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London’s Brick Lane’s  ‘Beigel’ Shops

This month we are staying on Brick Lane in East London and exploring the history of food on Brick Lane, especially the last remaining 2 Bagel shops. Below is an extract form Wikipeadia as well as information from local historians and writers which I hope you find fascinanting.

Brick Lane’s Famous ‘Beigel’ Shops

“Long before artisan coffee shops, vintage boutiques and curry houses populated Brick Lane, the area was home to a large Jewish community who arrived in Spitalfields in the late 19th century. Gradually, the community dispersed to north London but the beigel shops remain. Beigel Bake (the white one) and the Beigel Shop (the yellow one) are two of the last reminders of a time when the street signs were written in Yiddish, the mosque was a Synagogue and kosher butchers and restaurants were in abundance. Over the years these bakeries have become a popular 24-hour source of doughy satisfaction, but how much do you know about Beigel Bake — arguably the more famous (and better tasting) of the two?” 

“Although widely seen as rivals, the two shops were originally owned by the same family. Brothers Asher and Sammy Cohen started off working for another brother at The Beigel Shop next door, but eventually branched out to 159 Brick Lane in 1976. When the brothers aren’t putting in a shift, Nathan Cohen, one of two sons can be seen overseeing the sale and production of the 2,000-3,000 beigels baked in-house every day.”

“Debbie Shutter’s 1992 short film Beigels Already demonstrates how taste has evolved. Back then salmon and cream cheese seemed to be the order of the day, now the deliciously succulent salt beef (with pickle and a liberal dollop of hot mustard) is the firm favourite (if social media is anything to go by) — though poet Wells still goes in for chopped herring. FYI asking for gluten free varieties will probably provoke a disparaging scowl from the ladies behind the counter. And the bakery refused to break with tradition to produce those rainbow-coloured bagels unlike its competitors at The Beigel Shop.”


1.London Street Food. Bagels With Salty Meat. Tasted in Brick Lane and Camden Town


2. Beigel Bake – told by Sef Townsend Jewish food in the East End
Traditional Jewish business – Salt Beef – Chollah – Bagels and Pletzels
East End Celebrities



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