London East-end Cafs – Cafe by the Serpentine

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London East-end Cafs –

Cafe by the Serpentine

We’re starting with the Pavilion near the lake in historic Victoria Park, East London.

Time Out states, “The Pavilion is run by the people behind Elliot’s and the menu is a cut-above; own-made bread is also for sale. Interesting salads might be mackerel with beetroot, chicory and a (slightly overwhelming) horseradish dressing; doorstep sandwiches are the likes of salt beef with cucumber pickle and kolrabi coleslaw.”

London East-end Cafs - Cafe by the Serpentine, Syd's Cafe and Hilary's Cafe in Shoreditch
London East-end Cafs - Cafe by the Serpentine London East-end Cafs – Cafe by the Serpentine,

London East-end Cafs – Syd’s Iconic Cafe in Shoreditch

I walked by last week on my quest to find a good upholsterer – I have a grand old armchair which needs some TLC – and was shocked to see that there is now ONLY barriers in the space where Syd’s Cafe  has stood forever on Calvert Ave ie 100 years.

I knocked on the shop door of Ainsworth D Broughton “Traditional Upholsterer” for 40 years at 14 Calvert Avenue and he casually told me that the unique caf was to be housed at the Museum of London – at least its gone to a good home rather than in some recycling heaven ie the local landfill.

East London Advertiser tells us, “Last orders! Syd’s coffee stall in Shoreditch goes to Museum of London after 100 years. The historic Syd’s coffee stall, one of the East End’s iconic landmarks set up 100 years ago, is being donated to the Museum of London when it closes for the last time after 100 years.”

So Long, Syd’s Coffee Stall

“This is Sydney Edward Tothill pictured in 1920, proprietor of the Coffee Stall that operated for a century, open for business five days a week at the corner of Calvert Avenue and Shoreditch High St, where this photo survived, screwed to the counter of the East End landmark that carried his name. “Ev’rybody knows Syd’s. Git a bus dahn Shoreditch Church and you can’t miss it. Sticks aht like a sixpence in a sweep’s ear,” reported the Evening Telegraph in 1959.”

Syd's Cafe and Hilary's Cafe in Shoreditch

Syd’s Cafe and Hilary’s Cafe in Shoreditch London

The Museum of London interviewed Jane Tothill the last owner of Syd’s Cafe: “Jane Tothill, Owner of Syd’s coffee stall, said: ‘Celebrating 100 years of service this past March was an incredible milestone and one that I know Grandad would have been proud to have reached. These celebrations led to my decision that it was time for the stall to move on to tell a new story at the Museum of London. I feel it is the best way for Syd’s to continue as part of London’s heritage, and a great way to celebrate the place where you could get the best tea in London for over 100 years.’ ”

Syd's Cafe and Hilary's Cafe in Shoreditch

What do you think? Is Shoreditch so gentrified now that there’s no room for local East-enders?