London Brick Lane Brewery plus WingFest 2018

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London Brick Lane Brewery plus WingFest 2018

History of Brick Lane and the Truman’s Brewery (Black Eagle Brewery)

We are again exploring all that Brick Lane offers plus its history and the people who have lived and enjoyed its amenities. So here we go: back in the 17th century Brick Lane became very popular for breweries. For example in the 17th century the Trumans started their Black Eagle Brewery and have held a presence on the Lane ever since. Managed by Benjamin Truman the brewery grew to become one of the largest breweries in London expanding by buying Philips Brewery up north in Burton to then finally become the largest brewery in the world.

London Brick Lane Brewery Closes

Drinking beer then went out of favour in the early 20th century and was replaced by larger, also international competition and rival competition from other UK breweries eventually forced The Truman’s brewery to close down in 1989.

But eventually in 2010 the Truman Brand again revived and is now functioning as a brewery and an arts venue on the Lane.

In terms of being featured in film and TV programmes in 2014 the Black Eagle Brewery was featured during the fifth episode of series 3 of Ripper Street on BBC1. The episode saw vigilante employees killing London publicans who dared to buy their beer from breweries in Burton-upon-Trent rather than from Trumans.

London Brick Lane Brewery Revival

The site itself is now used for a number of purposes ie The Boiler House Food Hall was founded in 2010 and is open every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Boiler House is home to over thirty stalls of international cuisine; the variety of dishes includes Italian, Polish, Lithuanian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Peruvian, Japanese and Caribbean-Asian fusion

Then there is an arts and events centre plus it houses shops and bars. A few business and leisure companies share the site providing weekly fashion markets, restaurants, bars, shops, offices and workshops.

In August 2009 the site housed the second Summer of Sonic event to the joy of all Sonic the Hedgehog fans.

Other Public Houses around  Brick Lane

Other Public Houses on Brick Lane are: The Pride of Spitalfields pub on Heneage Street off Brick Lane.

There used to be a Turner & Sons brewery and Pub but is now a house: ‘Brewer’s House’ and was functioning alongside Truman’s Brewery until it closed around the end of the 19th Century.

Interior designer Jocasta Innes renovated it and sold it in 2014 for £2.4m.


Today is actually WingFest 2018 Day and all action is happening just off Brick Lane and from surrounding participating restaurants and cafes. Over

“On Thursday 22 March, Mr Hyde will be kicking off the greatest celebration of wing wizardry the nation has ever seen, with the launch of the first ever National Chicken Wing Day, in partnership with London Wing Fest and with our official sponsor, Southern Comfort. Venues nationwide will be offering a tasty 50% off wings, with a host of finger-licking specials also available throughout the big day. “See website for more information!!! #nationalwingday






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