Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

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Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse Review

Yes! Went to Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse on Friday 11 December for my friend’s birthday party and who was there but Levi Roots himself, looking cool and sophisticated. He was so nice.. chatted with everyone in the restaurant, hugged my friend as a birthday present.

To die for Bajan Fishcakes

We loved the Bajan fishcakes, the roti, the shrimps, chicken soup with real chicken, the jerk wings and most of all the Dragon Stout punch laced with authentic Jamaican rum.

What was also really nice about Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse was the buzz around the entrance of the Smokehouse, folks waiting in the queue were excited to be there and eager to try not only authentic Caribbean cuisine but also the fusion of cultures that we have seen Levi demonstrate on his television programmes. I think the Bajan fishcakes are the personification of this fusion, tasty in all sense of the word.

A True Endorsement

In fact we did not set out to go to the Smokehouse, we were going to ramble around Westfield and probably choose a Mexican or South American eatery but a friend of mine began gushing about how she stumbled across Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse after exiting Bumpkin and how she sat for a meal and loved it so much that she will be returning with her entire family.

Well her experience was enough endorsement for me and as they say the rest is history.

Read more about Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse here: or just turn up and eat, maybe you will meet the owner whilst you are there.