Levi Roots at The Business Show 2017

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Let’s begin with The Business Show Review 2017

I decided it would be best to attend nice and early on the first day of the show so that I would be first in line, that I would be able to collect all the high value freebies ie books, offers, one to one chats with owners and finally secure my seat in the keynote speakers area ready to listen to Levi Roots.

Well I did get there early to find a huge queue of people collecting their badges as I did 8 minutes later. I then went on to try to collect high value freebies and I was lucky to get 2 really good books which I’m now reading; one from Richard McMunn, ‘How to Write a Book‘ and the other book ‘ INTERPRENEUR’ from his mentor Simon Coulson. 

And actually both these entrepreneurs were present, I spoke to Richard and then attended his presentation which was really interesting and having visited Amazon I’ve discovered that he has a library of How to publications including – How To Become A Firefighter: The ULTIMATE Insider’s Guide: The insider’s guide to PASSING the UK Firefighter selection process: 1 (How 2 Become) by How2become Ltd

Levi Roots at the Business Show Olympia Nov 2017

Yes I arrived at the Keynote speakers area to find that there were at least 15 people seated at the front ready and waiting to hear the Dragon Slayer speak. I joined them of course, what else could I do and actually I thought Levi made over 150% effort to reach us. His story was detailed but succinct, he sang and played his guitar which was a must, he went around the entire audience shaking everybody’s hands, taking selfies etc before his talk began, he made himself available at the end when he was mobbed by people of all race, religion and gender; it was just good to see him in action.

But the real message for me was this, build a brand that is unique and one that stands out from the rest. The second learning point is to go where your customers are – don’t be afraid to leave the comfort and security of London to find and build your customer base.

Levi Roots at The Business Show 2017
Levi Roots at The Business Show 2017










So it was good to see and hear of the success he has made of his brand as he celebrates his 10th year working with Peter Jones and creating over 51 food related products plus the successful launch of his first rastaraunt the Smokehouse at Westfield in Stratford.


1. You Can Get It If You Really Want: Start your business, transform your life by Mitchell Beazley

2. Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce (350g) * – Pack of 2

by Groceries

3. Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Groove Cut Crisps 40g x 7 packs

by Burts Potato Chips Limited, Devon

4. Reggae Reggae Christmas by Moortown Records

5. Sweet: Irresistible Desserts and Drinks, Cakes and Bakes

by Mitchell Beazley

6. Levi Roots Food for Friends: 100 Simple Dishes for Every Occasion by Mitchell Beazley

7. Levi Roots Presents- Reggae Reggae Hits by Union Square Music

8. Levi Roots’ Reggae Reggae Cookbook by Collins