Joint Ventures

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Joint venture with Cemanthe McKenzie

Next Tuesday evening (6.30pm) we will be finally meeting with Bob Etherington at the Gallery Cafe (Vegetarian and Vegan food: they do a very delicious spaghetti bolognese.)

Joint Ventures seemed to be the theme during Open House London over the weekend. I am part of an informal joint venture with Cemanthe McKenzie; please scroll down this page to the Subscribe to WFiL section and complete the form to receive your FREE copy of Cemanthe’s Power of Social Media E-book.

So, I made every effort to visit at least 3 buildings as part of the Open House London 2014 scheme and I was lucky to be one of only 200 chosen to visit the Lee Tunnel and Beckton Sludge Power Generator. We were bussed around the vast site that was filled with huge pipes and tanks housing and treating Londoner’s waste. We were greeted by workers who talked about their jobs and how their efforts contributed to this humongous joint venture project as part of the Tamesis Team ( Imtech, as part of the Tamesis team – a joint venture between Laing O’Rourke and Imtech Water, Waste & Energy – has been awarded a £75 million contract by Thames Water to develop two Advanced Digestion AD schemes at Crossness and Beckton in London.)
They talked a lot about renewable energy and saving on electricity bills; I thought about how I could renew my energy ie food, preferably high energy foods.