Catching Up on Joint Ventures

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Catching Up on Joint Ventures

I am happy to say that I subscribe to Maureen Smith from Tropical Connections’ newsletter and as a result I signed up to attend Caribbean Question Time.

This event  was held on Tuesday evening at One George Street in Westminster and sponsored by Jamaica National Bank, with Paulette Simpson as a very able hostess.

Various political party representatives, excluding UKIP, were amongst the guest speakers along with David Muir, a lecturer at the University of Roehampton.

It was good to see Maureen again because in the past we have met to discuss how we can work jointly on projects which have mutual benefits to both of us. Maureen has a thriving affiliate programme, including a robust agreement and I am in the process of developing this site to accommodate her programme. I will be documenting our joint ventures in the coming months.

What can I say but although the politics was frustrating to listen to and the politicians out of their depth, gaining access to a very impressive One George Street venue, meeting old friends and colleagues plus indulging in good wine and very tasty finger food made attending more than worthwhile.

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