An Informal Joint Venture

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Informal Joint Venture Story

Having thought about Sarah Arrow’s 30 days blogging challenge I have decided to put it on hold until after meeting with Bob Etherington next Tuesday 30th, 6.30pm at our Business event. By then I should have created a 30 day blogging plan including topics, case studies and a medium-term plan to create 30 video blogs.

There is still time to join us next week just visit for more information.

What will I be writing about? Having spent the last 6 months creating and promoting these, very successful, business events, the most appropriate topic I can write about right now is Joint Ventures: formal and informal ones.

At the moment World Food in London is completely reliant on informal joint ventures. All speakers, ‘ Conversationalists’, give their time free in exchange for promotion of their companies on all WFiL social media platforms.

In return WFiL gets to build an audience; there are millions of keen foodies who are also business people, successful entrepreneurs, who just love eating and wouldn’t mind meeting with potential business soul-mates to eat and gossip about creating wealth, ie making money.

Most of the speakers who have presented at WFiL have products and services, for example Cemanthe McKenzie, CEO of New Media Angels, has an e-book that we offer free to all who subscribe to our blog. Cemanthe gets to reach a new client group and WFiL gets to build an audience: a match made in heaven I think.

There are also the potential joint venture opportunities for companies that work in the food industry which we will be exploring over the next 30 blog posts.

On a closing note, what has meat and potato, steak and kidney, chicken and mushroom pies have in common with Joint Ventures?