Final Part How to Form a Profitable Joint Venture

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Joint Venture Profits Final Post

A Gov.UK article dated June 28, 2013 reported that UK based Orion Energy formed a joint venture with Pakistani company Pakistan Petroleum, Ltd. (PPL). The venture is specified as a study venture, with a memorandum of understanding hashing out the details of the venture. Included in that memo was the specification that Orion would fast track as gas based power project with the Pakistani company.

In response the British High Commissioner was quoted as saying, “The UK Government looks forward to greater co-operation in the energy sector and increased trade and investment for mutual benefit. Today’s signing is another step towards the UK and Pakistan’s ambitious, joint trade and investment targets.”

Joint Venture Profits in the Renewable Energy Industry

In August 2014, SPI and Wircon announced a joint venture agreement to develop solar projects in the United Kingdom. According to the article, the UK has presented itself as a solar project mecca. SPI’s Chairman Xiaofeng Peng was quoted as stating, “The U.K.’s Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has set a 30% renewable energy target by 2020 and the country is currently estimated to have between 3.2 to 4 GW of installed solar capacity. Market-research firm NPD Solarbuzz has projected that in 2014, the U.K. will eclipse Germany as the largest installer of solar panels in Europe.”

Advice on Joint Venture Profits

KPMG is a United Kingdom company that advises its clients on joint ventures. One key summary from speakers at one of their forums nailed an important consideration for those considering becoming a partner in a joint venture. “There are many kinds of alliance and it’s important to distinguish between more ad hoc “means to an end” partnerships and those, for example involving co-creation, which have the potential to be transformational.”

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