Business Show a Joint Venture Approach

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A Joint Venture Approach

On Tuesday we decided NOT to attend the Business Startup/ Business Show in Olympia: it was too far, the seminars are usually the same, the information is targeting people who are just starting their business, blah-de-blah etc.
I went firstly to find a quick and efficient way of getting to Olympia in half the time and yes I was able to reduce the journey by half an hour simply by changing from the Jubilee line to the district line and then to the overhead train. The downside to this plan was that I arrived exhausted, thirsty and hot.

Joint Venture Approach Speakers

Secondly, I have never been to the Business Start-up Show at Olympia, I think; and lastly I wanted to attend a seminar about how to kick start your business using a partnership or joint venture approach. I wanted to know if it is possible to make a lot of money as a start-up just by partnering with the right contacts. I assumed the answer would be yes and so I attended because I wanted to listen to Keynote Speakers such as David Gold who may have done just that.

Was I successful?

No I was not, mainly because I arrived in the middle of the day hours after the last celebrity Keynote Speaker had spoken. But I intend to read their biography especially Richard Reed, Founder of Innocent Drinks, Julianne Ponan from Creative Nature and Eric Ho, founder of YOYO Noodle.


Joint Venture Approach by the Farm Business Innovation Show

Why include the photo of what looks like a bubble tent? Well having wondered through the Business Startup and then the Business Show sections I found myself in the Farm Business Innovation area of Olympia Grand and on show were a number of tents, caravans etc including this interesting
The UFO sweets are for all entrepreneurs who were growing up at a time when these sweets were not classed as retro.