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Simon Coulson at the Internet Business School

I have spent the weekend with Simon Coulson at the Internet Business School gaining a Diploma in Internet Marketing. The experience was invaluable, the Platinum Coaches ie Julia attentive and helpful and my fellow students really challenging. Simon was funny and full of practical, step by step tips based on his experience of growing a multi-million pound Internet business.

I have learnt a wealth of skills that I do not think I could access so quickly. I mean I could spend hours on YouTube learning these skills or perhaps attend a longer more expensive course to gain the depth of information gained in 3 very long days but I am glad I persevered.

Internet Business School SEO Outcome

I felt the information given in the SEO section of the course could be put into practice right away, very simple tips such as renaming all photographs with either your website details or the name of your company to help with search engine optimisation. Or just learning how to use back-links more effectively to help with SEO.

Now it is over I have the exciting task of putting all those tips into practise but I will not be on my own; one very clever student suggested that we could start a Mastermind group which will not only provide motivational support but could also be a means of leveraging our combined knowledge and contacts.

Making Contacts at the Internet Business School

Time and time again we see businesses grow rapidly based on the CEOs contacts; contacts are crucial to working in such a close knit community.

Hopefully with the encouragement of the Mastermind group this blog can go from strength to strength.

Watch this space or contact me directly to find out more about gaining a Diploma in Internet Marketing at the Business School.

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