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Guest blogger R. D Hayes has  a lot to say about eating healthy foods in this 3 part blog

Working from home has its ups and down, one of those downs is when the refrigerator keeps beckoning you to come closer.  As an entrepreneur myself, I have to watch what I eat; this doesn’t mean that I starve or don’t enjoy tasty meals. I have learned how to control my eating habits and go for something a little less fatty but nonetheless, healthy. In fact, one of my favourite snack time is junk time. Yes, I said it, I eat junk food on occasion. I am one of the healthiest people I know and I still eat junk food. I have found different ways to eat healthier while still enjoying a bag of crisps every now and again.

Creating a Healthy Eating Plan

It is possible for entrepreneurs to eat healthy meals, if they take their time to create a plan that they can stick with.  For instance; having fresh vegetables already chopped and clean, makes it easier for you to prepare salads. When food is easily prepared, people tend to eat it more; this is why a lot of people go for junk food or quick snack food, it’s easier to prepare or doesn’t need any preparation. 

There are other things that you can place around you so you are not heading to the fridge constantly; granola bars, Special K bars, Honey Nut Cheerios in a container, these are all great items to have for quick healthy eating on the go or while you are busy working.

Raw fruit and vegetables can be cut up and placed into containers for easy access. Be careful with the fruit; fruit can cause you to gain weight due to the natural sugar.

Find out on next time on In The Mix how you can still have a healthy breakfast whilst working from home.

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