Guest House Marketing Tips

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Five Guest House Marketing Tips

Staying at Guest Houses, B&B, or in dedicated rooms is one of the most growing trends among travellers of all ages, especially young people. With the ascent of globalisation and rising stress in the young generation, slow vacations are a rising trend among young couples. Some look for a cool and calm place to replenish their energy and revamp their relationship. Your Guest House can become their ideal place. This where Social Media channels such as Twitter and Facebook can help you reach your ideal customer.  So here are a few great tips that should set your reception phone ringing.

 Tip 1: Be personally active on Social Media

Your first task is to become very active on Social Media websites. First of all create an attractive website for your Guest House. Open accounts on all the necessary Social Media sites and link them to your website; choose a Facebook and Twitter plugins for your site so all your posts and tweets naturally feed onto your site. Write regular blogs about the facilities near your guest house such as how you organise airport drop and pick-up, tour-related plans, evening events, special buffets organized on your premises and add lots of pictures. Make sure to update all the information to your Social Media pages regularly, at least 2-3 times per week.


Tip 2: Involve your guests

Ask your guest to put their reviews and photos on websites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor and Google and make sure you update new information and pictures on these websites. Do reply to all the reviews whether positive or negative. You can also ask your guests to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. This helps in spreading the name of your guest house across the globe and it increases your chance of attracting international business.

 Tip 3: Maintain a very secure and easy to access Guest House website

Often people get puzzled by websites; make sure your site is easy to access and ensure you have a very secure payment gateway when customers attempt to book any room in your guest house. Try to be helpful by responding prompt to queries and emails from your customers. You might lose them if you are too slow to respond.

 Tip 4: Collaborate with local companies

Whenever people come for a vacation, they like entertainment and interesting sites and facilities to be on their doorstep; don’t miss this chance. Talk to local cab companies, tourist guides, trekking groups, link their websites to your own and ask them to do the same. You will then be able to promote your site widely and encourage more clicks on your website and Social Media feeds. Ultimately this increases your chances of getting more customers.

 Tip 5: Reward in return of Rewards

As an incentive when your customers like your Facebook page, put reviews for you on the online reviewing websites like Yelp and Tripadvisor, mention you in their blog and promote you in twitter, give them a special reward. Rewards can range from discounts on their next visit or cash back on the cost of the room or even a complimentary  city tour. Make sure to advertise that as well on your website for others to know.

Follow these simple tricks and with perseverance you can gain a huge fan following, attract great ratings and reviews and most importantly more customers who choose to stay at your Guest House. So, get started and Best of Luck!!!