Food Matters East London

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Food Matters East London

Food Matters Live in East London

With innovation in health and well-being the central theme at Food Matters Live, take the opportunity to be part of the UK’s largest and fastest growing event for food and drink, recognised as a showcase for the very latest healthy, functional and better-for-you food and drink. 








Food Matters East London



Large Fig Tree Christmas Gift Send a Fig Tree gift and let them make their very own Fig Rolls!

Lemon Tree Christmas Gift Send our stunning Lemon Tree Gift to someone with a zest for life.

Patio Victoria Plum Tree Christmas Gift Patio version of the Victoria plum tree is a perfect gift for those who don’t have very much space.

Sloe Bush Christmas Gift  sloe bush gift is a native tree that will produce an abundance of tart berries

Hazel Tree Christmas Gift  Hazel tree or ’Tree of Knowledge’,

Elder Tree Christmas Gift Elder Tree has always been considered to be the ‘Protective Tree’

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