Fine Foods at London Olympia

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The Business of Fine Foods

I came back from the Speciality & Fine Food Fair London Olympia with a few samples.

The exhibitors looked so professional and organised, it was a joy to see. I spoke to 5 companies which are featured in this post and I was impressed with their product, their stand and their knowledge of their industry. They were kind and attentive, smiling a lot, putting me at my ease.

I met Djim founder of Bad Mama sauce, he created a hot pepper sauce which blended well with hummus leaving a creamy taste in the mouth. Everyone who visited his stall smiled at the name he had chosen, Bad Mama  – hot pepper sauce!

I chatted with Dayo Ademiluyi’s mother whilst she dealt with sales matters. Mum was evidently proud of her daughter’s achievement and so she should be. Truly Simple Foods products looked ever so professional, as if they have always been on mega supermarket shelves.

I talked about plantains with staff members from Isabels whilst sampling their sauces and admiring their brand Rio – A taste of Brasil.

Gajan Umapathy, Director of Rani’s told me all about the process his mother used to create really delicious Bombay mix which did not leave an oily taste in the mouth. His mother assured me that her method had been tried and tested over many years and that Rani’s was well established.

I met many other exhbitors including Caymanas a company that produces Caribbean Rum cake -heady sample; Tea People who work with children from tea growing areas; La Giardiniera Di Morgan a company that pickles vegetable using the old pickling process similar to what is used in the Caribbean; KanKun – Mexican dip and sauce and finally Wonja a company that makes refreshing drinks from the Hibiscus plant. Wonja’s founder was explained that the product had West African origins and I mentioned to her that the same plant is grown in the Caribbean.

All in all it was a very interesting and successful visit. It was good to see that ethnic businesses seemed to be on par with other more established businesses which were exhibiting.  The ambience at London Olympia was brisk and business like, busy with so many different types of foods and drinks to sample including a very delicious and potent gin by NB Gin.

I will definitely be visiting the fair again next year but next time I will attend at least one of the seminars. I think it’s a must for those working in the food industry or even foodies like me.