Facebook Bootcamp

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Facebook Bootcamp Ad

Yes Facebook is organising a bootcamp on the 26th January for all small business owners for a mere £25 per person. Here is the link for booking information:


WFiL Business Club 2015

We are taking leaf out of Facebook’s page by organising monthly webinars, seminars and bootcamps inviting in Business Online marketing Speakers and Tech Gurus who can help you generate more leads, attract more clients into your sales funnel and ultimately help you increase your profit. Subscribe to World Food in London to receive a weekly update of activities and seminars just might help you.

Busy People

We know that you are working hard to sell your product and services and boost your profit but we hope you are not too busy to network or learn at places such as bootcamps with like minded entrepreneurs. Here are 2 exceptional offers you will may to consider:

1. FD Solutions have teamed up with Fox Williams LLP and have organised what sounds to be a very informative event. Remember Kim Dovell our October speaker is one of the Financial Directors of FD Solutions.

– http://bit.ly/1wKIAsx

2. We have one FREE ticket worth £57 to give away to any business owner who wants to attend Power to Achieve conference with Andy Harrington March 27th -29th. http://www.powertoachieve.co.uk/. Subscribe to WFiL weekly newsletter and your name could be the one that is plucked out of a hat.

Joint Venture Stories

Yes I am receiving a few interesting JV stories which will be featured in the WFiL newsletter. Until then this links is interesting in terms of understanding what joint venture really means:


Lemon and Honey tea for all those entrepreneurs who are feeling a bit under the weather.