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Eat Healthy – Say No to Junk Foods

R. D Hayes, WFiL Guest Writer tells us how to manage food time at home. I hope this final instalment proves helpful to you.


Entrepreneurs can create healthy dinners

I am a huge advocate of healthy dinners. Dinners are when the family comes together and it lets you show your family that eating healthy is important. With the new food rules at school and your spouse eating on the run, and you trying to eat in the middle of a project, everyone is constantly running and this might be their only chance of getting to eat healthy. I found a website called that I absolutely love. This website lets you customize meals to your liking and is worth a look. I created meals that used only chicken, since chicken is a very healthy. Oh, by the way, if you are able too, eat mostly chicken in your diet or any other animal that has two legs or less. Two legged animals are healthy; skip the beef and pork and aim for chicken, fish, and birds.

Say no to junk food

Yeah right! As today’s economy is still not fully recovered from going down the drain and, it being easier to just grab a bag of chips, it is almost impossible to get rid of junk food. Junk food is cheaper than healthier snacks, everyone loves junk food, and sometimes we just have a craving for it. I am not going to tell you to kick out the junk food because I don’t believe in this; I do however, believe in making better food choices. I allow myself junk food every day, I just limit the amount that I can have. I have found that if you take out all of the junk food, you will end up hating that pre-made salad. Go ahead and let yourself enjoy the wonderful taste of junk food but don’t eat more than one serving; the serving size can be found on the back of packages.

I really hope that you are a serious entrepreneur; you become serious about eating healthy. As you may know, most entrepreneurs are sitting behind a desk and that can’t be good for the body. Get up every hour just to stretch your legs, try to find different meals that you enjoy, and most importantly, don’t ever skimp on your health.


We will be adding a Guest Writer’s page to WFiL website soon so you can read these articles and more in full. Until then join us on Thursday for the first part of: Joint Ventures: When to Make a Good Strategic Alliance

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