Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

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Why Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

We will be focussing on vitamins and minerals this month mainly in preparation for the barbecuing summer months. Today the discussion is on how FREE RADICALS damages your cells as you get older and what you can do to slow down this process.

Eating wisely, choosing the right foods can be tiring especially if you work from home and you have little time to shop creatively for foods. It is so easy to munch on ready made foods ie Snack bars including flapjacks loaded with sugars.

Making the decision to actually eat well takes a lot of will power but knowing what is happening in  your body could help you make the right choices. Understanding Free Radicals and how they operate is a wake up call for all foodies who love their meat, chicken and fish well done.

Here is the definition of Free Radical taken from an atom or group of atoms with at least one 

unpaired electron; in the body it is usually an oxygen molecule that has lost an electron and will stabilize itself by stealing an electron from a nearby molecule; “in the body free radicals are high energy particles that ricochet wildly and 

damage cells”. 

This short film from YouTube sums it all up: Thanks to the Be Youthful Channel. 

The Usual Suspects

So which foods are the most damaging, causes premature ageing etc? The usual suspects are: Alcohol; Tobacco; Coffee, deep fried foods etc. But there are foods that we take for granted that also damages our internal cells: poorly washed fruits that have traces of pesticides on their skin; leftovers that are poorly reheated; meats and poultry that are under-cooked; pre-packaged foods including healthy foods.

So why eat your fruits and vegetables?

Well because they are good for you and they taste nice? Plus they help to reduce the causes of heart disease, cancers, arthritis, lupus, high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and the list goes on.

OK the message is very clear: Eat your fruits and vegetables, well at least 5 portions a day; particularly those with vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene and Selenium ie Papaya, apricots, carrots, sweet potato and Brazil nuts for selenium.

What’s Happening for London Foodies?

There is FestivalAsia with flavours from Cambodia and Korea which will be held at Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, E1W 2SF from Friday 15 – 17 May, 2 – 10pm.

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