Eastenders Roman Road London

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Eastenders Roman Road London

I remember just needing to go to Roman Road market to stand for 2 hours at Stuarts stall, waiting for that designer bargain to emerge from his endless black bags of returns, samples and end-of-line clothes. Then came Primark, H&M and Zara and my visits to Roman Road became less and less until I rarely visit to shop for clothing. Now I visit to check out the one off pieces of furniture and lighting at the the new store, check out the various mobility scooters for my ageing friend and visit the multiple coffee shops which have sprung up. Eastenders Roman Road London has changed, even the Pie & Mash shop has had to upgrade to keep in line with these changes.

Eastenders Roman Road London & Gentrification

Gentrification in east London: weep, sigh, moan, etc. The popular image is one of beleaguered enclaves of valiant jellied-eel vendors battling an onslaught of cash-haemorrhaging, craft-lager-addicted professionals. And okay, it’s not wholly a myth. But there are places where the two tribes live in harmony, and Roman Road is one of them. (A Time Out extract)

A History of Eastenders Roman Road London

Roman Road Market is situated on the oldest known trade route in Britain, and is still going strong from unofficially opening in 1843. That’s right; the famous market was illegal when it first started, but fought many attempts to close it down.

Roman Road is one of East London’s best known high streets and street market, and in this local magazine you will find interviews, reviews and news that celebrate its best shops, stalls, people, culture, places to visit and things to do in the area.

The Roman Road in the oldest known trade route in Britain London is supposedly the route taken by Queen Boudicea for her fateful battle with the Romans. The Roman Road how hosts a regular and lively market 

Like many high streets across the country, Roman Road is struggling to adapt to changes in shopping habits, loss of community infrastructure and degradation of community cohesion. (Become a Volunteer for the Trust)


Notting Hill Carnival claims to be one of the world’s most attended festivals featuring around 2 million visitors annually. During the carnival, the streets of London are naturally packed. Thus it’s recommended to arrive and leave the Notting Hill area early to avoid the busiest hours. On Saturday the programme of events is generally scheduled for the evening hours from 6 pm to 11 pm. Sunday’s program covers the entire day from 6 am to 7 pm. The festivities culminate on Monday between 12 pm and 7 pm with the Adult Parade as the climax of all merriments.

Is the Price too high for Carnival Traders?

Street trading pitches are charged at £48.00 per square metre for the 2018 event. Trading from a residential or private premises during Carnival. 

If you wish to trade from your own premises during Carnival you might not need a licence in order to do so, but it is worth checking beforehand that you have done everything you need to in order to comply with the law and also with council requirements for street trading to operate business activity from your premises.

Even Foxtons seizes an opportunity to shine

We (Foxtons) thought we’d give you the insider facts on London’s biggest yearly street party Notting Hill Carnival, taking … 

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