Divine Chocolate Company

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Divine Chocolate Company Ghana

Chocolate Makers from Ghana have their lives improved through the work and promotion of their unique chocolate by the Divine Chocolate Company.
Here we have a group of chocolate bean suppliers who own 45% of Divine Chocolate company, a co-operative started in 1998, that produces specialist chocolate to the UK market.

Farmers who are part of the co-operative have a say in how the company is run and benefit from the profits made by Divine Chocolate company.

Nominated for the Women in Ethical Business Award, Divine Chocolate Company hopes to be a, ‘Catalyst for change’, encouraging other businesses to support suppliers from developing countries in a similar way.

We hope  you find this short video inspiring as we did and although we did not produce this film we support the views expressed in it.

Foodie Insights

So Easter is upon us and so is Lent. We will be giving up our chocolate and fish and chips March binge and concentrating on more healthy option in April and May ie exploring the Vegetarian scene.  I know the paella is not exactly Vegetarian but what an amazing photo don’t you think? Send an email to amy@worldfoodinlondon.com for more information or subscribe to our newsletter by completing the form below in the footer section of this post.