Crowdcube and Braveheart

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Crowdcube and Braveheart Consortium

I have been a member of Crowdcube since 201, the year it finally became a crowdfunding platform. I was interested in raising funds for a publication that I had created for the voluntary sector and I liked the idea of a voluntary sector community coming together to invest in a publication about themselves; unfortunately Crowdcube was not the right platform through which to promote this idea.

Crowdfunding Platforms

Other crowdfunding platforms such as, Zequs etc. have surfaced, giving more choice and opportunity to new start-ups.

Consortium Platform

Apparently, well according to the email I received today, Crowdcube has had £51m invested through it by the Government to support tech start-ups. £25m will be invested in Technology, Digital and Science sectors that are relatively newly formed through the London Enterprise Panel’s ‘Growing Places Fund’

Crowdcube and its consortium partner, Braveheart Investment Group plc have been awarded £5m to invest in new ventures.

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