Christmas 2020 – Food Crisis for Families

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Christmas 2020 – Food Crisis for Families

Christmas in the Covid- 19 era

How are people coping with not seeing family members? Let us know about your Christmas 2020?

Support local food banks

Foodbanks continue to be a lifeline for many people and are helping to supply and deliver food to people who can’t get out, either because they are self-isolating or are considered at high risk of coronavirus.

Two local organisations, Bow Food Bank and the First Love Foundation, are asking for donations to help them buy and deliver food to those most in need in Tower Hamlets.

If you would like to and are able to, you can donate to the Bow Food Bank and First Love Foundation online.

Christmas 2020 – Food Crisis for Families

First Love Foundation supports people in crisis

First Love Foundation supports people in crisis living in Tower Hamlets to get their lives back on track with our support & advice. With Covid-19 those we work to support, the most vulnerable and deprived within the borough, are likely to be impacted the most during this time. We want to find and support them. Help First Love Foundation to continue their services to support Tower Hamlets. Any donations you make will go towards purchasing & distributing food throughout the borough to those most in need at this time.

Emergency food appeal on behalf of food banks

Tower Hamlets Council is coordinating an emergency food appeal on behalf of food banks in the borough. We have seen a huge increase in the amount of people needing help with food over the course of the pandemic and as we continue through the second wave, this service remains vital. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been able to support 31 food banks to help 6,000 residents a week access food. However, the high and ongoing cost of dealing with Covid-19, as well as future uncertainty around local government funding, is placing a heavy financial burden on the council.


This Christmas, we’re donating 1 million meals to families that need it the most.

Text “Asda” to 70085 to donate £3 to the Trussell Trust.

At Asda, we’ve always been proud to support the communities we serve. Our community champions work tirelessly to support charities, projects and initiatives that make a real difference to the people living around their Asda shop.

But we want to do even more to help local communities across the UK to save money, so they can live better. We’ll do this is by doing our part to tackle the growing issue of poverty in the UK.

Fight Hunger Create Change is an innovative and transformational partnership between Asda, FareShare and the Trussell Trust, that will create a long-term positive change to poverty in the UK. 

Meet the Buyer – Food Innovations

Meet the Buyer – Food Innovations: The London Waste and Recycling Board’s Advance London team is inviting London food value chain businesses to its ‘Meet the Buyer – Food Innovations’ event on December. Attendees will be matched with leading innovative SMEs working on technologies and solutions in

food waste prevention, reusing food surplus and recycling and upcycling food waste. Register here. clrm��s

Food Business during Lockdown 2020

Virtual ‘Meet the Buyer: Food Innovations’

LWARB’s Advance London team is delighted to invite you to our virtual ‘Meet the Buyer: Food Innovations’ event on the 9th December, run in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Food Initiative.

We aim to help you solve your food-related sustainability challenges by facilitating introductions between key players from across the food value chain like yours with circular economy food innovators in London.

The annual Christmas meat auction at Smithfield Market may be cancelled this year, but the market itself is far from being shut.

As a vital part of the UK’s meat supply chain, it has been vitally important to keep Smithfield Market running throughout the pandemic – it is an essential conduit between many producers and their customers. In fact, all of the City of London’s three wholesale markets continue to operate, although not quite normally.