Chocolate Business Plan

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Idea Gives Birth to a Chocolate Business Plan

In this blog we hear how Martin Black, Co-Founder of the Margaret River Chocolate Company, talks about how his company, having approached many banks finally found one that would invest in his idea. With the money raised they were able to open their chocolate shop not expecting the level of interest they received but grateful for the support.

Built Family Support in Chocolate Business Plan

Having received an overwhelming 2000 people on the opening day, these founders had just enough time to bring family and friends in over night to package and present the chocolate ready for new customers.

Bank Supports Chocolate Business Plan

The support of the bank was crucial to the development and growth of this business but the real message of this film is not just the success of selling bespoke goods but being persistent, not giving up even when inside even you think your business idea is a crazy one.

We hope you enjoy this film and please leave a comment below or suggest your own great food business film.



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