Chigwell Tours and Visits Christmas Boat Party

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Chigwell Tours and Visits Joint Venture Story

I am now busy working on a joint venture project with Chigwell Tours and Visits marketing the up and coming CHRISTMAS BOAT PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA They have sent a PDF poster which I needed to resize and split. The software below has proved to be simple and perfect for this job.

Joint Venture Deal

The joint venture deal with Chigwell Tours and Visits revolves around raising both organisation’s profile, sharing databases and increasing the number of services offered. There is no financial exchange made in this JV project simply because Chigwell Tours and Visits is far more established, with a large and loyal client group.

The GAB Awards 2014

Femi Okutubo is the Founder  and engineer of the GAB Awards will be giving away 2 FREE tickets to attend Chigwell Tours and Visits Christmas Boat Party Extravaganza.

The Gathering of Africa Best will be held on Sunday 16 November and will see over 500 influential people from Africa and the Diaspora attend to see celebrate the achievements of Africans living in the UK.

The evening will be a showcase and celebration of the best of Africa and African. It will be an evening of recognition of achievements, entertainment and enlightenment; a networking event of top 500 Africans in the UK and friends of Africa; a gathering of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Diplomats, Royalties, Top Government Officials, Professionals, Celebrities and eminent personalities within the African community; an exhibition of top businesses and organisations serving the community; an opportunity to sample the best drinks from Africa and a platform to reach a potential audience of over 10 million Africans and Friends of Africa around the world through Media coverage.

It will be held on Sunday, 16 November 2014 from 17:00 to 23:30. Visit Eventbrite to book your place:


Splitting with Chigwell Tours and Visits

Just a quick tip for those who are having trouble splitting the pages in your PDF file : Try for free. Just download the 2.2.4 version and click run to download it to your computer. You are offered the option of a full version, additional software and leaving your contact details but you can skip these options and just down load the Split and Merge software.

A Bit Scary

I guess downloading a free open source software to my computer is extremely risky but so far it seems to have done the job and in fact having entered the website above I can see that the company that owns the software has a Facebook presence: