Business Show 2017 and Levi Roots Recipe for Success

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This year’s Business Show 2017 and Levi Roots Recipe for Success

Levis Roots is one of the Business Show 2017  Keynote speakers; well be hearing his ‘Recipe for Success’ after his runaway success with his Reggae Reggae brand and now his own Food Festival.

I’ve met Levi Roots on 2 occasions, one at the Notting Hill Carnival and one at his Smokehouse Rastaurant at Stratford Westfield and on both occasions he was warm, down to earth and he listened carefully to our opinions – he came across as a really nice man and I can understand why he has been so successful.

They say people buy people and in Levi Roots case I don’t think Peter Jones would have invested as much into the Reggae Reggae brand if Levi had an awful personality or was in the least 2 faced.

I will let you know next month what I thought of the Business Show  – Europe’s Biggest Event for anyone starting or growing a business at the Olympia London on 16-17 November.

Secondly I’m going to find out about any new Apps have been created to help all business owners manage their accounts, sales, customers and marketing better, watch this space!


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